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We are one of the market leaders in the service of radiological facilities, quality control, monitoring and nuclear instrumentation and radiation protection

We offer the entire range of services, products and accessories necessary for the arrangement and operation in optimal conditions of any radiology, diagnostic laboratory, including "turnkey" solutions for the development of new businesses or the modernization of existing ones.


Services in medical field

Dyomedica CND has in its portfolio the commercialization of medical devices, bringing to the market the latest generation equipment with the aim of satisfying the existing demand. In addition to supplying the equipment, Dyomedica CND offers installation, assembly, maintenance and repair for them.

Vanzare echipamente laborator
Laboratory equipment

We sell a wide range of laboratory equipment: centrifuges, microscopes, hoods and niches, shakers, balances, freezers and refrigerators. In addition to equipment, we also sell analyzers, sterilization equipment and laboratory consumables.


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Vanzare echipamente electromedicale
Electromedical equipment

We sell a wide range of electromedical equipment: defibrillators, ventilators, incubators, electrocardiographs, anesthesia devices, etc. In addition to equipment, we also sell electronic or manual beds, blood sampling chairs, etc.

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Vanzare echipamente radiologie
Radiology equipment

Our range of radiological equipment includes CT scanners, MRI equipment, scintigraphy equipment, X-ray equipment, 3D mammograms, film development equipment, radioprotection equipment and materials as well as accessories.


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Vanzare consumabile radiologie

We sell online both consumables for laboratories and for radiology centers. Among the medical consumables are classic radiological films, chemical solutions for developing radiological films, general medicine and surgery consumables, etc.


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Services in the industrial field

Installation, assembly, maintenance, inspection, maintenance, repair and service, measurement, consultancy, decommissioning, import, supply and expert, training and expert services

Control Nedistructiv
Non-Destructive Control

Non-destructive control is done by visual control, control with penetrating liquids, control with magnetic particles, radiographic, analog and digital testing, ultrasound testing, acoustic emission.

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Control Distructiv
Destructive Control

Destructive control is done by chemical composition analysis, hardness measurements or by taking metallographic samples.

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Tratamente si Inspectie Sudura
Welding Treatments and Inspection

We carry out thermal treatment of stress relief, dehydrogenation and preheating.

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Furnizare Echipamente NDT
Supply of NDT Equipment

Our NDT equipment division is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art equipment to industries globally. Embracing innovation, precision and reliability, we cater to the diverse needs of various sectors.

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Mentenanta si Instalare
Maintenance and Installation

DYOMEDICA CND is your reliable partner for installation and maintenance services of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment with radiation sources in Romania.

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Transport Materiale Radioactive
Transport of Radioactive Materials

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence, strict safety measures and meticulous adherence to the comprehensive regulatory frameworks that govern the safe movement of radioactive materials.

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