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Founded in 2007, our company is a traditional partner and one of the market leaders in the service of radiological facilities, quality control, monitoring and nuclear instrumentation and radiation protection.

We offer the full range of services, products and accessories necessary for the arrangement and operation in optimal conditions of any radiology, diagnostic laboratory, including "turnkey" solutions for the development of new businesses or the modernization of existing ones. Thus, our clients can focus exclusively on patients, building treatment solutions based on high-quality radiological images, generated with the help of the most modern techniques discovered.

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SC DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L. was established in the year 2007 to offer to the market nuclear maintenance and consulting services as well as non-destructive examination services using qualified and certified personnel and using state-of-the-art equipment.

The main objective of our company is both to perform and to maintain at the highest qualitative level the activity performed and to strengthen the acquired reputation for the quality and safety of the works performed.


SC DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L., a prominent Romanian company, has a quality management system certified, nationally and internationally, according to ISO 9001:2015, which shows the high level of our experience, the commitment of S.C. DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L. to the quality of products and services offered as well as our desire to satisfy all the requests of our partners.

We provide the best value for our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.


The members of the technical team, graduates of specialization courses regularly organized by medical equipment manufacturers, hold Level II and Level III Practice Permits issued by the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activity for the fields of x-ray diagnosis and x-ray therapy in MRIVX practice.

SC DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L has specialized staff, authorized by ISCIR, CNCAN, EURONORM, ASME, with solid training in the field of non-destructive examinations and in the field of heat treatments for welds.

SC DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L. is authorized by the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activity and by the Ministry of Health in order to carry out the activity in the fields of service, consultancy and sales of diagnostic X-ray equipment.

SC DYOMEDICA CND S.R.L. is authorized by the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities to perform services in the nuclear field in Romania for most types of equipment in medicine and industry.


The team made up of physicists and engineers (licensed to practice in the nuclear field - level II) uses state-of-the-art non-invasive measurement and control equipment to check the operation of the X-ray equipment in optimal conditions and the quality of the shielding of the radiological laboratories, in order to ensure protection against radiation for professionally exposed personnel, for patients and the general population.

The checks follow both quantitative factors, such as kV, mA, mAs, exposure time, dose, as well as qualitative factors, such as obtaining radiological images by applying minimum doses of X-radiation (the ALARA principle), maintaining the radiation dose within the limit of the natural background in areas surrounding radiological laboratories, etc.


The DYOMEDICA CND laboratory offers technical consultancy regarding the types of non-destructive examinations, their limits, the choice of the control method according to the technical requirements and the possibilities of the non-destructive control methods. Consultancy is also provided regarding the approval of welding procedures and welding certifications/authorisations according to the chosen welding specifications (ISCIR or EN). Through expertise, the life spans or uses of metal components and installations can be established.


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