Founded in 2007, our company is a traditional partner and one of the market leaders for radiological facilities, quality control, monitoring, nuclear instrumentation and radiation protection services.

Despre DyomedicaCND


Installation, assembly, inspection, maintenance, repair and dismantling of fixed and mobile x-ray installations for human and veterinary use, of various types.


We ensure the transport of radioactive sources with authorized means of transport and imports, supplies and exports of equipment containing radioactive sources.


Installation, assembly, verification, maintenance, repair of installations with radioactive sources and service to equipment containing radiation sources, determinations of unfixed radioactive contamination, decontamination of surfaces and affected spaces.


The team of physicists and engineers uses state-of-the-art, non-invasive measurement and control equipment to verify the optimal operation of the X-ray equipment and the quality of the shielding of radiological laboratories and the development of documentation.

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